Commercial & Business Security Services in Albuquerque, NM

Losing assets is detrimental to your business. It can put you behind in production schedules and taint your credibility. Avoid that risk with commercial security services from Advance On-Site Protection Security. Our experienced security guards make the investment worth it. They’ll stand in the way of trespassers and keep your assets safe.

Commercial Security Services

Advanced Commercial Security Services

Businesses in Albuquerque, NM have trusted our professionals to guard their property for over ten years. Foot patrols and security vehicles are stationed along perimeters to prevent theft and loss of indispensable resources. It only takes one thief to cripple a company—why take that risk when you don’t need to?

Theft isn’t the only reason why you need business security services. Some people are just looking to cause a bit of mischief and will vandalize your site. Such behavior results in costly repairs that hurt your company’s wallet. Be prepared for vandalism by hiring a team of experts who know how to confront trespassers.

The Best in Business Security Services

Our law enforcement background allows a fresh perspective on how a property should be secured, based on real-world experience. Owner Gil Chavez responded to countless break-ins as a law enforcement officer and knows how criminals exploit alarm and security systems. Gil uses his experience to mitigate those risks, bringing a new level of security to your commercial and business property.

Gil also brings his experience as a training officer to all the security guards in his company. They complete stringent training programs so they’re more than ready to take on any job. He passes all his knowledge onto them, so you’re guaranteed to receive the best guards the industry has to offer.

Protect Your Livelihood

Don’t let one break-in ruin your business or home. Save money and assets by hiring a team of guards from Advance On-Site Protection Security. Call 505-897-1307 to learn more about how we can help. When you invest in our commercial security services, your company will be the safest in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Carnuel, and North Valley, NM!

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