Neighborhood & Home Security in Albuquerque, NM

Many homeowners don’t consider installing security features until it’s too late. Take control over your property and find a home security system that’s perfect for you. Advance On-Site Protection Security offers the latest technology to keep your loved ones and possessions safe. We’ll look after your home while you’re away!

Home Security

Home Security Systems

With our safety features, you won’t have to jump at every little noise you hear around the house. We have a variety of sensors, cameras and alarms that let you know if someone is afoot. Our automated systems stop intrusions before they happen so you can sleep at night with peace of mind.

Smart locks are a simple step you can take that provides your home with an extra layer of security. They’re more than your typical lock and key. Our smart locks are linked to your home’s Wi-Fi network and can be unlocked with a single tap on your smartphone. With these locks and other smart features, you’ll have the safest home in Albuquerque, NM!

Neighborhood Security Patrols

It’s not just individual homeowners who have to worry about invasions. Property managers must understand the importance of overall neighborhood security. There are many options available for all communities in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Carnuel, and North Valley, NM. Our security guards patrol gated communities both in vehicles and on foot. They also watch apartments and housing projects so criminals don’t loiter on the premises.

Neighbors have to look out for each other. If one person’s home is invaded, then everyone in the community is at risk. Our professionals want to provide comprehensive neighborhood security so you feel safe not just inside your home, but outside of it, too.

Sleep Safe at Night

Don’t let intruders catch you off-guard. Trust the seasoned home security professionals at Advance On-Site Protection Security to install the most effective home safety features. Call us at 505-897-1307 to get started and learn about our guard and response team options, or fill out our service request form!

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