May 10, 2019

Very Professional

"I hired this company for temporary security. They were so good and professional I decided to keep them full time. Also the management staff, particularly Gil Chavez, is very knowledgable and sincere."
March 21, 2019


"Hiring Advance In-Site Protection was the best thing we did. I first called them and spoke to Gil Chavez. I explained our issues. In the first minute of listening to Gil Chavez, I knew he was sincere explaining how he could help. He didn't just those prices at me. The guards are nice and professional. I highy recommend them."
December 18, 2018


"This company takes care of all my needs and is very professional. The flexibility they offer is second to none. The large companies just ignored me since I was not a big account. Thanks!!"
April 20, 2018


"I use this company for two months and was very satisfied, with there service and the owner was very helpful on answering all of my questions. "