Taking Steps to Prevent Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence in the United States is one of the most persistent issues facing employees and employers. If that comes as a surprise, it’s because workplace violence is routinely under-reported across the country. In truth, workplace violence is a real possibility if you’re not keeping an active eye on your workers and taking steps to prevent escalation.

Need some tips on preventing workplace violence in Albuquerque, NM? Keep reading.

Keep a watchful eye on your employees

The most important step you can take when it comes to preventing workplace violence in Albuquerque, NM is to monitor your employees’ mental health on an individual basis. Here are some warning signs of impending workplace violence:

  • Increasingly withdrawn or temperamental behavior
  • Reduced productivity or increasing absences
  • Controlling or demanding behavior
  • A sense of injustice or victimhood

It’s never a bad idea to schedule a one-on-one meeting with someone you suspect may be at risk for enacting workplace violence.

Keep it personal

If you feel as though one of your employees might be heading toward a violent display, there are specific tactics you can use to help de-escalate the situation.

Use the person’s name a lot and ask them questions along the lines of, “How can I help you?” Speak slowly and take advantage of pauses in the conversation to allow the individual time to calm down. Don’t engage with them physically.
Most importantly, however, is to try to keep it light. If they’re critical of you or someone else, keep an open mind and take the critiques in a positive manner.

Don’t devalue your employees

One of the most common reasons that workplace violence occurs is because an employee feels disrespected. You can get around this situation by treating every manager-employee interaction with an eye toward respecting the employee. Make sure they feel heard, that their critiques and complaints are listened to with an even temperament and that there isn’t any blowback when they air their grievances.

Not only will listening to your employees improve the security of your environment, but it will also improve morale.

Let someone go the right way

If someone’s work ethic or attitude demands that they be removed from your team, then firing them should be handled delicately. It’s essential to project a calm, reassuring tone. Keep your physical distance (about three feet), and be sure not to strike a threatening pose.

Hiring a personal security officer can also go a long way toward acting as a deterrent when you’re letting someone go.

Call in the pros

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