Keeping Your Property Secure While Your Business Expands

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As the owner of a growing business, it is your responsibility to ensure the continued safety of all of your employees and your business assets. At a certain point, handling business security will become too large of a responsibility for you, so you should consider working with a company that can help you implement new business security protocols that are automated and reliable.

Here are a few business security tips for you to consider implementing as your Albuquerque, NM company continues to grow:

  • Restricted keys: Make sure you use key blanks that cannot be duplicated for any keys you will be passing out to employees. A marking of “do not duplicate” is not sufficient—it actually has to be a key blank that is incapable of being duplicated. Restricted keys are only capable of being made by the locksmith who contracts with the manufacturer and the building owner, so you can use these keys to keep your facility safe and secure.
  • Consider using coded locks: If you want to avoid having to give keys out to employees, you could upgrade to a coded lock system. Keys can easily get lost or stolen, but the same issue is not a concern with codes. You will be able to change the codes at your leisure, which will cost you much less than changing the keys or locks you have. You can also designate certain codes for certain employees, and create different codes for specific doors. This can also help you create a log of codes entered at certain doors over time.
  • Regularly change locks: No matter what kind of lock system you have in place, it is a good idea for you to change your locks and rekey every few years just to be safe. With employees coming and going or possibly losing keys, this is a good preventative measure to ensure your property is secure at all times. If you ever experience a break-in or other breach of security, you should make an appointment with a locksmith as soon as possible to have your locks changed.
  • Master key system: A master key system can also be quite beneficial for small businesses. This system determines which keys will open which doors, and you can use this to determine who gets which level of access. You might wish to give maintenance staff keys to all areas of the building, but give supervisors or employees keys only to the areas in which they work. You can also create keys for certain “zones” of the building based on how your layout is structured.

These are just a few examples of some of the steps you can take to improve building security as your business continues to grow. There are also opportunities for you to implement even further access control measures if you grow into a large company. For more information about the steps we recommend based on the size and type of your business and your security needs, contact Advance On-Site Protection Security today. We’d be pleased to provide more business security tips in Albuquerque, NM.

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