What Are the Most Important Traits of a Security Guard?

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For them to be effective, security guards must possess certain traits in Albuquerque, NM. Some qualities are more important than others, but a few top the list. If you are considering hiring security for your setting, look for the following crucial traits in your security staff.


A quality security guard is constantly on alert. He or she is highly observant of the surroundings, including what is happening, who is on site and any dangers that might be present. The alert security guard does not get distracted, so he or she doesn’t overlook something important that could put property or lives at risk. This quality of alertness ensures that the security guard detects when criminal activity occurs or is about to occur.


Because security guards are the ones in charge of protecting a setting against crime, they must be honest. This security guard trait in Albuquerque, NM is absolutely essential. The business is relying on this individual to prevent and report crimes, not add to them. This makes background checks for security guards crucial.

Physical fitness

Security guards must be able to respond quickly and effectively to criminal activities. They must also command an authoritative presence. This requires good physical condition. If they need to apprehend someone, intervene in an altercation or perform any other physical duties of the job, they need to be physically prepared to do so. If their appearance gives the impression of lethargy, the guards will fail to deter criminals and their illegal activities.


In addition to healthy physical shape, security guards should maintain a neat appearance. Their uniforms should be clean and free of wrinkles. They should pay attention to details, such as tucking in their shirts and keeping hair trimmed and neat. The guard is representing the business for which he or she is working, so it is important to portray that business in a professional manner.

Communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively is another essential security guard trait in Albuquerque, NM. Security guards must interact with the public and employees, so they need to be able to explain things in a clear, friendly and professional manner. Additionally, they must be able to report the status of the building, submit any necessary reports and document any necessary information regarding regular security checks or incidents that occur.


Security guards may be called upon to handle a wide variety of tasks and required to switch gears in an instant. Flexibility is needed to accomplish this range of duties. The guards must be willing to maintain a flexible job description and be willing to do what their client needs to help maintain a safe and secure environment.

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