High-Tech Advancements in Security Systems

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As technology improves, so do our security systems. The better and more affordable technology is, the easier it is for everyone from families to business owners to keep their property under surveillance. High-tech security monitoring in Albuquerque, NM is probably more within your reach than you realize.

From better cameras to audio sensors and the omnipresent mobile integration, here’s what you can expect from today’s security systems.

Radar security sensors

We all know about motion sensors and audio/video recording, but today’s security systems have started using radar to detect even the slightest changes in foot traffic. Instead of infrared technology, which powers most of the motion detectors available on the market, radar uses electromagnetic frequencies to look for movement. This is particularly useful because it’s harder for animals, weather and other inconsequential events to trigger an alarm notification.

Radar is probably not going to be available for residential security systems anytime soon, mostly due to the fact that it’s more difficult to make that technology available at a price point that would appeal to most homeowners. However, if you have a business, radar security sensors could be a smart investment for your property. They can not only give you information about people and objects on your land, but they can also tell you about speed, direction and location—which is nothing that should surprise you if you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket.

Audio sensors

Audio is getting better as technology improves, too. While CCTV and security cameras in general used to be limited to visuals, new audio sensors can help cameras (with sound) start recording the minute something suspicious pops up. This helps you start surveillance sooner, but it also gives you better options if a dispute happens and you need to verify exactly what was said. A lot of different businesses find this to be a boon, especially in the pandemic era. Public transportation has also had plenty of success with using good audio sensors, as people regularly think they can assault others on public transit and get away with it simply because of the inherently mobile nature of the space.

No matter what kind of business you own, if you can’t afford radar security, employing audio sensors is a good way to increase security without breaking the bank.

Mobile integration

Finally, mobile integration is king these days, and for good reason. With our constant connectivity, why not be able to monitor your premises from every possible location at all times? If you’re worried about break-ins, you can put your mind at ease by checking in with your mobile app, any time, any place and any day. Plus, you’ll get alerted to potential emergencies long before other systems could notify you. If there’s no emergency, you can easily cancel the alarm and avoid police involvement.

Are you looking for high-tech security and monitoring stations in Albuquerque, NM? Advance On-Site Protection Security will help when you call today. From security guards to monitoring, we have what it takes to protect your property from potential threats.

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