The Benefits of Using Worksite Alarms

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Security should be a top priority for your business, and one important element of any high-quality security system is the alarms.

Alarms immediately alert you if your property is being invaded by burglars or trespassers, and double as a means of scaring away these trespassers before they complete their task. At construction sites, there are some unique benefits to using alarm systems to keep everyone safe and to prevent any damage to the property.

Here’s a quick look at some of the primary benefits of using worksite alarms in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Effective at warning of intrusion: When alarms sound, they immediately alert anyone nearby to the presence of intruders, which allows anyone who is at the site to take the necessary actions to find the person on the premises and escort them away or detain them. The warning alarm isn’t just a warning for people working at the site, either—it’s also a warning to a would-be intruder that they’d better leave immediately if they wish to avoid being caught and the consequences that would come along with it.
  • Enhanced safety: Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. While operators of these sites or owners of the property do not owe any duty of care to trespassers under premises liability laws, it’s still important to take whatever steps they can to ensure the safety of others. Alarms that indicate the presence of an intruder help to spring people into action to make sure the issue can be corrected before the intruder causes a safety hazard on the premises.
  • Constant monitoring: Your worksite alarm in Albuquerque, NM can monitor around the clock, or just after hours when the site doesn’t have any (or as many) workers present. The nonstop functionality of these systems, especially when they are hardwired as opposed to battery powered, provides 24/7 protection and can be relied upon by property owners and contractors.
  • Great part of a holistic security system: It should be noted that while security alarms for construction worksites are highly beneficial, they can only do so much by themselves. Worksite alarms are a perfect complement to other security features, including security cameras/CCTV, gated entry, fences, barriers and more. Consider the size and nature of your construction site and the potential vulnerable spots when you plan out your security for the site and all of the technology and tools you will employ to protect against intruders.
  • Easily installed or relocated: You can get your alarms set up and ready to go in a hurry, and can easily relocate them if you wish depending on where you feel the most vulnerable points are at your perimeter. This is particularly beneficial as the project moves into its later stages, and entry points and openings might change and shift.

Interested in learning more about the reasons why you should invest in construction site security in Albuquerque, NM? We encourage you to contact Advance On-Site Protection Security for more information about what we can do for you. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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