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Requirements for Becoming a Security Guard in New Mexico

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If you’re a New Mexico resident interested in working for a security guard agency, it’s important to learn all of the requirements. These requirements include the basics, like a clean criminal record, as well as additional training. There are three different levels of security guard registration—Levels 1, 2 and 3—each with their own requirements.

Read on if you’re ready to start your career as a professional security guard in New Mexico.

The basics

In New Mexico, licensing and registration are required for all unarmed security guards. To obtain this licensing and registration, individuals must:

  • Be an individual of good morals
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be at least 18 years old for Level 1 and at least 21 years old for Level 3
  • Have their high school diploma or GED for Levels 2 and 3
  • Have no violent felony convictions or misdemeanors in their past
  • Have no past drug, theft or fraud convictions
  • Be employed by a private security company while under the supervision of a licensed patrol officer
  • Successfully complete the right amount of department-approved training for their level
  • Successfully complete all examinations

It’s not required for all security guard agency employees to have a driver’s license, but having one will likely make it easier to find a job. You should also have good communication skills and the ability to stand for long periods of time.

Required documents

To receive your security guard licensing and registration in New Mexico, you’ll also need to submit several documents, including:

  • Two fingerprint cards from the board office, as well as a certificate form
  • Two passport photos
  • A signed and notarized release of information form
  • Your complete background history from an employer

You should be able to find all the proper forms on the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department website.

Training requirements

As mentioned above, there are different training requirements depending on your level.

For example, Level 1 only requires 24 hours of training, while Levels 2 and 3 require an additional 24 hours of training each. The Level 1 training course includes lessons on basic CPR, interview skills, report writing, chain of command, investigations and more. Level-2 training includes lessons on self-defense weapons, handcuffing, use of force and use of tasers. For Level 3, you’ll receive lessons on fire protection, fire safety, threat assessment and firearms. For both Levels 2 and 3, you’ll need to complete that additional 24 hours of training within 12 months before applying for registration.

Landing that first job

Once you’ve obtained your security guard license and registration, it’s time to start looking for your first job, be it at a security guard agency or similar organization.

The first step is usually applying for an open position via an online ad or in person at a guard agency. Make sure your résumé features all your training and certification information before submitting the application. If you get an interview, remember to stay calm and try to make a connection with your interviewer. Go over your experience, and explain that you’re good at de-escalating situations. Think about why you wanted to become a security guard, and share that information with your potential employer.

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