A Basic Overview of Security Guard Services

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Have you ever thought about how many different roles a security guard can have? Not all security guards have the same job, and those jobs can vary greatly depending on what type of guard services are needed.

Here is some more information about different types of security guard services.

Location, location, location

Just like the real estate world, many of the details in guard services depend on location; where a security guard works can play a big part in their duties, responsibilities and required training.

For example, some security guards work in retail stores specializing in loss prevention and might not need to carry a firearm or have extra certifications. Some security guards may work in a busy area like a sports stadium or a shopping mall and need to have good attention to detail and the ability to stay focused in a large crowd.

There are also security guards hired to work in sensitive areas, such as industrial facilities or high-level corporate business offices. There are security guards that watch over banks, medication centers and computer data centers. These locations may require special training depending on the needs of the facility.

Different jobs

There’s also a difference in guard services between protecting a location and protecting an individual or small group of people. The world of private security is vast and varied. There are jobs that involve protecting just one person as a bodyguard. This may involve special training, firearm licensing and years of experience.

Then again, some security guards will not work around anyone in person. Another type of security guard job is monitoring security cameras. This can be an extremely efficient way to keep an eye on a large area, especially at night. It’s also a good way to keep an eye on a busy private space with a lot of people entering from the public arena, like a casino or hotel lobby.

There are also security guards who screen individuals entering a space to make sure they have the proper credentials and do not have contraband or weapons with them. These members of the team are tasked with making sure nothing deemed unsafe enters a given space. This can be a difficult job, as sometimes people will object to giving up their personal possessions or are unaware of a certain regulation. A level head and a cooperative team is essential in this capacity.

Special training

Most security guards will receive some form of training before beginning work with a guard services agency. Some security guard services require special training as well. This can vary from emergency evacuation procedures to firearm certifications. Again, location and job detail will determine much about what type of training is necessary.

There are countless scenarios, locations and situations where private security may be helpful or essential. Whether you’re looking to hire a security guard for your business, your home or yourself, or if you’re looking to join the field as a security professional, contact Advance On-Site Protection Security for professional and experienced guard services today.

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