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Things to Know About Security Patrol Services

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Whether you run a small business or a massive corporation, hiring a security guard company is a must.

While having your guards stand at a specific location throughout the day can get the job done, it’s often more efficient to have them patrol the interior and exterior of your building.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about security and patrol.

Security Patrol Methods

There are a few options companies have when hiring a security and patrol team.

It’s important to note that we can perform a combination of these methods, but here are the three main types of patrol:

  • Foot patrol: The most common patrol routines are performed on foot. Security guards walk around a facility checking for any signs of break-ins or safety hazards. Guards log anything they see or do during their patrol for future review.
  • Vehicle patrol: It’s not feasible for guards to patrol a large facility in a short time period if they’re on foot. That’s where vehicle patrols come into play. Guards can drive cars or golf carts or even ride bikes on these patrol rounds.
  • Remote patrol: Football stadiums, event venues or other massive facilities can be too large for just patrol vehicles to watch. That’s why the best security companies have guards monitor security cameras. Guards watch the cameras and dispatch patrol vehicles to check out a scene if anything seems amiss.

Standard Patrol Procedures

Whether the guards are on foot or in a vehicle, all guards follow a set security patrol protocol.

The procedure can vary from company to company and facility to facility, but it’s standard practice for all guards to walk the grounds undetected before reaching a checkpoint.

After the guards reach the designed checkpoint, they contact their supervisor or other team members with a status report.

Unlike what you see in heist movies, reputable security companies don’t follow a set patrol schedule.

The patrols are performed at different times each night to ensure any would-be intruders can’t develop a plan based on the guards’ location.

Security officers typically carry a walkie-talkie to communicate with their team along with a baton and pepper spray to help apprehend any suspects.

Some specifically-trained guards also carry firearms during their shifts.

The Benefits of Patrol Services

  • The most obvious reason to hire patrol guards is that they can cover more ground than a stationary guard
  • If you have guards roaming around your facility, you have a much higher chance of catching a bad guy or fixing a security hazard
  • You can also give all of your customers and staff members peace of mind when you have a team of patrolling guards working at your building

We’re the team to call for your security needs

Be sure to hire Advance On-Site Protection Security if you’re looking for a security and patrol team.

Unlike some other companies out there, our guards are fully licensed and trained, and many of them have law-enforcement or military backgrounds.

Contact us today to get a quote for our services.

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