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Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

March 10, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

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A home should be as safe and secure as possible for all its occupants. Part of making your home safe from crime involves installing home security systems.

However, do home security systems deter crime? While the answer is yes, here are a few explanations to provide in-depth insight.

1. Burglars Dread Property With a Security System

Many intruders dread a property with a security system that frequently deters would-be burglars from breaking into a property and committing a crime. That’s because burglars don’t like being seen or recorded committing a crime, as the photos and video footage would help reveal their identity.

According to research, former burglars admitted they avoided property with security systems like CCTV cameras. That’s because burglars like easy break-ins and often avoid difficult ones, implying that the fear of being recorded by a security system deters crime.

To beef up the deterrence of such a security system, homeowners need to put security signals in their homes alerting people that the property is under 24-hour surveillance.

The signals should be big and as visible as possible. It would be best to put them on the front and back gates, the front and back yards, or any other area a potential burglar would try to use to access your home.

2. A Security System Frightens Burglars

Home burglars usually want to get into a property and get out without being noticed. If an intruder breaks into a property with a good security system, the alarm will produce a high decibel sound to alert everyone in the neighborhood.

While the alarm sound alerts homeowners and other people in the neighborhood that a property has been invaded, it also sends a warning sign to the burglar, deterring them from continuing to commit the crime.

Most burglars will flee a property as soon as the alarm goes off to avoid getting caught in the act.

3. A Security System Alerts Security Personnel

Besides frightening burglars by sounding the alarm, a high-tech security system can signal security personnel, like the police, about an ongoing crime on a specific property.

This is especially common with security systems that are professionally monitored and 24-hour security services.

The security system communicates to the authorities by sending a digital signal via an internet connection, telephone line, or other radio signals to the central monitoring unit connected to the system.

The alert enables the security officers to respond to the incident and catch the burglar in the act.

Moreover, police sirens from a distance put burglars in panic mode, forcing them to stop committing the crime and flee.

Invest in a Security System

Investing in a security system is an excellent way to keep your property and belongings safe from burglars.

You should strive to install a security system in your home, whether a front door camera or a sophisticated security system monitored in a central location, to deter crime on your property.

Contact a security solutions company to safeguard your home.

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