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Tips for Making Your Parking Lot More Secure

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Business owners and parking lot management are increasingly aware of the dangers that parking lots present to both visitors and tenants alike.

Managing a parking lot entails more than collecting money at the entrance.

Customer safety is paramount for employees and customers and extends to reducing the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of low levels of security.

So, what can you do to reduce the risk of an incident within your parking lot?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a lot that you can do to make your parking lot safer and more customer and staff friendly.

24 Hour a Day Monitoring

Surveillance cameras are a force multiplier for your security staff.

It is not physically possible for security personnel to patrol every inch of your parking lot 24 hours per day.

And this problem increases if you have a multi-story parking lot with lots of stairwells and places to hide.

This is where security cameras can provide your security staff with a much-needed extra pair of eyes as they can scan a set of monitors remotely and review activity within the parking lot easily.

Security cameras act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, especially if they are well advertised.

This is where a guard agency can add value by monitoring your parking lot 24 hours a day.

Add Lighting and Reduce Dark Spaces

Criminals love the dark.

A lack of lighting makes it easy for criminals to take their victims by surprise. Dark spots in the parking lot are not conducive to your employees or customers feeling safe and secure. It may even cause them to avoid your premises.

And it’s not enough to just put up a few light fittings here and there. Well-lit parking lots require a careful evaluation of light placement, light levels, and type of illumination.

To feel safe, you need to be able to identify those around you easily. This means that the lighting should take into account the full spectrum of colors. Being able to note a person’s features, hair color and clothing requires the right type of light.

Light placement and orientation are also vital, as there’s no point in having blinding lights that prevent your customers and staff from being able to see properly.

Well-lit parking lots provide fewer places to hide and deter criminals from entering them. They are also less likely to target a parking garage where their chances of being recognized are high.

Provide Safe Waiting Zones

In addition to good lighting, providing safe places where people can go to wait for their ride is crucial.

Well-sign-posted waiting areas that offer lighting, protection, and surveillance are a minimum requirement nowadays.

Ride-sharing companies and taxis do not always show up on time and it is incumbent on parking lot owners to provide somewhere that is safe and secure to wait.

The presence of security personnel as well as surveillance cameras will make criminals think twice before picking their target.

Install Adequate Well-lit Signage

Highly visible signage that is well designed is an important aspect of parking lot security.

If drivers are distracted because they don’t know where they are going, it can result in accidents and opportunities for criminals to direct them to less visible areas.

Not only will drivers be able to find parking spaces closer to lifts and exits, but high visibility signage can also prove vital in offering drivers a route to escape an attacker if they are accosted.

The signage is also a visible reminder to criminals that there are security personnel monitoring the parking lot.

Consider Installing Speed Bumps and Barriers

By keeping vehicle speeds down within a parking lot, you reduce the chance of accidents.

Speed bumps as well as entry and exit barriers will often act as a deterrent to would-be car thieves.

It is far easier to steal a vehicle from a parking lot that has a wide-open entrance and exit point.

Bollards and other physical barriers to direct traffic are also desirable as a way of preventing vehicles from being driven away.

Any unusual activity in a parking lot will be quickly spotted by security personnel if a vehicle is not following the normal pattern of movement.

A well-thought-out plan to apprehend car thieves involves knowing where they can go and how quickly it will take them to get there.

Hire Well-Qualified and Experienced Security Personnel

Larger parking lots and multi-story parking garages can benefit from hiring a guarding agency.

Highly trained security officers who are available on-site can keep staff and visitors safe.

They also contribute to a sense of safety and act as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

AOP Security offers overnight security, regular patrols, camera installations, as well as a complete on-site security solution.

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