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Essential Characteristics Every Security Guard Should Possess

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For security guards to be effective, they must possess certain traits. Some of the most important traits are more important than others, but a few top the list. If you are considering hiring security for your setting, look for the following traits in your security staff.


A security guard needs to be able to react properly to hostile situations, but that doesn’t always mean they should approach with guns blazing… figuratively or literally. A security guard should look for how to uphold peace first and foremost.


A huge component of being able to de-escalate a situation is possessing a high level of empathy. Having empathy means you have the ability to understand other people’s feelings. It would be almost impossible to neutralize a situation without being able to appeal to the emotional needs of the upset party. And you can’t address anyone’s emotional needs without being able to understand where they’re coming from.


Because security can be such a high-stakes profession, it’s crucial for security guards to have solid, measured judgment. They need to be able to determine if something is a security threat, and if so, is it a big or a small concern. Security guards need to be able to make these calls quickly and accurately. The speed of a decision regarding safety can be the difference between life and death in some situations.


Security guards must always keep a vigilant watch over their territory. That can be challenging for anyone, especially when hours have gone by without incident or suspicious activity. So, it takes a special individual who can react quickly when a threat arises. A great security guard can leap into action at a moment’s notice. They will need to, as hairy situations often come with no prior warning. Quick reflexes are an absolute must for the job.


Think of all the stories that have been in the news of armed police officers killing civilians who were not an actual safety threat. These cases show not only a lack of good judgment, but a lack of respect for life. Security professionals need to understand well that pursuing and apprehending suspects is a dangerous job not just for themselves, but for the people they come across.


Although these may seem like opposing qualities, they are complementary, and a good security guard needs to be able to access both sides of the coin on the job. Security guards often work alone, and as such, they need to be able to take charge at a moment’s notice and make quick decisions. But there are also times when a security guard has to work in cooperation with a team, and so they must be capable of deferring to orders as well. Someone who has a good understanding of teamwork is someone who understands how to take tasks as they’re given but can also step up and make decisions proactively as well. These are important hallmarks of a security guard’s skill set.


It can be incredibly stressful being a security guard. They put their safety on the line for their jobs daily. So, they need to be able to handle a high level of stress to be able to continue to execute all the other skills needed to last on the job.


Being a security guard requires being flexible. They may have to switch back and forth between following orders and calling the shots. They may have to switch between watching and keeping guard calmly for hours at a time, to working in high-energy and high-emotion situations at the drop of a hat. Security work also requires flexible hours, with demands often falling on night shifts, or as needed. So, a security guard must be flexible for whatever the job calls for at the moment.


While we’ve discussed many skills that inherently come with select personalities that are suited to working as security guards, there is no substitution for excellent training. Security personnel should understand specifics like defense tactics, crowd control, and conflict resolution. It’s not a job where an employee can just show up and wing it. Industry standards and practices take time and dedication to learn. Our security guard firm makes sure our employees are well-trained and prepared to serve your business.


It’s critically important that a security guard is observant. Not only to catch intruders or shoplifters but to catch on to more subtle signs of a potential security threat. Security guards have to notice details like things being out of place or behavior that doesn’t seem quite right. It requires sharp senses such as good eyesight and good hearing, as well as high emotional intelligence. Not everyone can pick up on subtle cues in body language, facial expressions, or ways of speaking. But a good security guard will pick up on a situation that seems off, and they will do it quickly enough to divert a potential problem.


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