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Are Security Guards Require To Carry a Gun?

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The majority of companies nowadays have the presence of armed security guard services or unarmed security guards. Depending on the type of business it is, choosing between an armed or unarmed security guard is a huge deal. Either way, protecting employees, staff, and the company’s assets is a priority every company shares. But, the question is, should a security guard be armed? Continue reading to learn more about the factors determining whether a guard should be armed or unarmed.

Should All Security Guards Be Armed?

Hiring a security officer with a gun is one thing, and hiring one that is unarmed is another. It really depends on the company pursuing protection. Unarmed security guards are trained in the same way armed security guards are trained but without a weapon. For example, unarmed security guards won’t be able to do much if they face the threat of an active shooter.

Nowadays, almost every company is at risk of robbery and theft, no matter what services or products they provide. If you want to protect your employees and business from this type of criminal activity, you will aim for an armed security guard.

Armed security is obviously more beneficial than unarmed security guards for many reasons, such as:

  • They can deter criminals from carrying out a crime.
  • The ability to respond to crime instantaneously.
  • Armed security guards are put through a criminal background check that is substantial.
  • Police don’t always make it to an emergency right away.
  • Armed security guards are capable of apprehending the criminal until the police arrive.

Here are some things to help you consider whether to hire an armed guard for your company:

  • Your business is located in an area with a relaxed emergency response system.
  • You have employees that work late hours frequently.
  • Your company is located in an area that sees a lot of crime.

Again, not all security guards are required to carry a gun. This is a personal decision that a company makes. Choosing to hire an armed security guard will help prevent any issues that may occur.

Issues With Hiring Armed Guards

A few issues may arise when deciding to hire an armed guard.

Accountability Issues

Liability issues are seen in companies that hire armed security guards. This is because companies must obtain strong insurance plans due to the fact security guards will have a firearm. It is impossible to know every situation a security guard has ever been involved in, even if he has had a thorough background check.

Either way, having an armed security guard is more beneficial, even if the company must obtain workers’ compensation and liability insurance.


Cost may be another problem that businesses have to deal with when deciding whether to hire an armed security guard. The bottom line is that security guards carrying weapons will be more expensive than unarmed guards. Armed security has more experience and training.

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