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What is the Best Surveillance System for a Home?

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The world can be dangerous, so understandably, everyone wants their home to feel safe. There is no better way to ensure your home is protected than through a professional security system. Today’s families must have a professionally monitored security system to protect themselves from intruders.

Of course, many companies are offering “professional” security systems. On the surface, it can seem as if these companies are offering the same product. To someone who doesn’t have a background in security systems, it’s easy to think that all cameras, motion sensors, and microphones are the same. The truth is that there are important differences. If you’re shopping for a security system, consider these facts:

  1. Security is a mindset.

Ensuring that your home is secure doesn’t start by installing a lot of cameras. While plenty of security companies would love to tell you that all you need to be safe is a ton of cameras and motion sensors, the truth is that real security starts by training yourself and your loved ones to think about their safety.

Being aware of your surroundings is a great place to start, but real security companies also know that securing a home begins by reviewing the weak spots in that home. That means looking for ways that an intruder could break in and places where they could hide. At Advance On-Site Protection Security, our security professionals start each new residential project by thoroughly inspecting the home and its grounds. Hiding spots such as large trees and sheds are identified. We work with the client to improve the overall safety of their property, then work with the family to educate them about how to identify potential threats and create a safer home environment.

  1. Prevention is key.

When most people think about security, they assume that a “good” security company will frequently “catch” criminals. The truth is that while security can involve dramatic chases and arrests, a truly “good” company will work to ensure that these events are extremely rare.

While nearly any security company can “catch” an intruder, good security companies work to deter would-be criminals away from your property. Installing visible security measures such as cameras can be a good start, but deterrence efforts can also include improving lighting and visibility.

The best deterrent people can have is paid staff providing surveillance and security. For years, the majority of crimes in this nation have been what are known as crimes of convenience. Essentially, would-be thieves look for homes that are easy to break into. They want to find a property that appears empty or abandoned. Thieves and vagrants feel safest when they believe no one is around to observe their activities.

While cameras can make these criminals aware that they’re being watched, they often don’t notice the cameras or assume that they’re not recording. Unfortunately, security systems installed by many “bargain” security companies are, in fact, not monitored. That’s why we highly recommend that our clients do not rely on cameras alone to protect their property.

  1. Look for blind spots.

Over-reliance on cameras results in a lot of problems. To start, too many people assume that once an electronic monitoring system is in place, they no longer need to worry about security. The truth is that these systems are far from foolproof. It’s not uncommon for cheap cameras to stop recording (particularly when power or the internet has been cut). It’s also very common for them to create a number of “blind spots”; that is, areas of a property where the camera cannot see.

While criminals simply looking for an easy or quick way to steal a few items will likely not take the time to note the flaws in some camera-based surveillance systems, they are not the ideal way to provide security to homes that attract thieves and other criminals. Professional thieves know exactly how to outsmart these types of systems.

That’s why security has to be approached from many different angles. In addition to electronic surveillance systems, homeowners also need to have physical security guards on their property to monitor the grounds and other measures such as panic buttons inside the property that can immediately contact security personnel. Several additional measures can also be implemented. Contact Advance On-Site Protection Security to have a professional walk you through the recommended steps for your home.

  1. Consider group security.

In many cases, an entire neighborhood or community bands together to take a joint approach to security. This has a number of advantages. To start, living in a neighborhood where everyone cares about security means that it is much more likely that a suspicious person or activity will be noticed and monitored. Not only does this increase the likelihood of catching someone before a crime is committed, but it also increases the overall safety of the neighborhood. Living in a neighborhood where safety is a priority is often enough of a deterrent to convince people looking for trouble to move on somewhere else.

Advance On-Site Protection Security offers group and neighborhood security packages that include monitoring by an in-person security professional to enhance these measures. Our guards have years of experience, and they prioritize the prevention of crime. Call us today to learn how we can help secure your property.

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