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What are the Examples of Security in a Company?

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When most people think about security services, they tend to picture surveillance cameras or security guards. The truth is that there are a number of different types of security services that a security company can provide. 

These are just a few examples of security services that can be part of a comprehensive security plan. Typically, several of these services are used in conjunction with each other in order to provide the best service and most coverage possible to a client.

Security System Installation

Electronic monitoring and alarm systems are among the most common security services. Security companies typically provide installation and monitoring services for these systems. 

Electronic monitoring is usually a combination of cameras and other sensors. These devices can detect and record when things break, open, or are otherwise disturbed when working as a system. Multiple cameras can be used in various places; it’s possible to set up surveillance for individual workstations, check-out lanes, or even in individual drawers. Video evidence taken from these systems can be used in court, but these systems work best when they function in conjunction with other security measures. 

Private Security Officers

These individuals are typically the lowest-paid security personnel. They are usually used to deter crime or deal with minor crowd control issues. They are commonly seen in large retail environments or at events such as outdoor festivals and concerts. 

Security personnel tend to have a relatively low level of training, and as such, they will typically not carry weapons or be allowed to physically interact with patrons.

Store Detectives

Store detectives tend to work closely with private security officers to protect a store’s assets. They can monitor video surveillance systems of problematic areas of the store and watch customers in self-check-out lanes and other high theft areas.

Store detectives tend to wear plain clothes rather than a uniform, and they move all over a retail establishment during their shifts. They can monitor areas all over a store, including areas limited only to store personnel. In addition to watching everyone for theft, vandalism, or other minor crimes, they can also identify areas and situations that need additional security.

Off-Duty Police Officers

Off-duty and retired police officers have a higher level of training, and as such, they are ideal personnel for events in which there is a high likelihood of crime, large crowds, or even traffic control. Because of their strong relationship with local and even state law enforcement, they can be very ideal for very large events. These individuals can be the cornerstone of a security plan that also involves video surveillance and other types of security personnel.

High-Level Security Personnel

High-level security personnel are typically titled as bodyguards or security professionals. These personnel have years of training and experience in some branches of law enforcement or the military, and many individuals have served in both. As a result of this training, they usually are in good physical condition and can deal with a wide variety of security situations. 

Examples of this level of security personnel can include private security forces who can assess threats and develop comprehensive strategies to deal with those threats. Private security teams are ideal for businesses that are operating in dangerous areas, such as foreign countries with unfriendly governments. 

On a more local level, these security teams can help individuals or businesses who are dealing with immediate and/or ongoing threats. Learn more about these types of services at

Private Investigative Services

Private investigators can explore a lot of different things for a corporation. Common examples include insurance and fraud investigators, who can uncover everything from a traffic accident’s origins to financial malfeasance details.

Of course, this means that most private investigators concentrate on a specific area or type of case. As such, the number of investigators and the amount of time they will be used is highly dependent on the type of company they are hired by. Large banks and insurance companies will hire thousands of investigators. 

Complete Security Plans

While many businesses or individuals can probably figure out how to hire or utilize any individual element on this list, it takes someone who has had experience and training in security to understand how to put together a plan that utilizes several of these elements.

Even a small store will likely need to have some type of electronic surveillance combined with on-site personnel available on a daily basis. For special events, it may make sense to utilize off-duty police officers. On the other hand, an established bank may need to have electronic security set up so that it can integrate it into the security plan they already have in place. Security professionals can identify where to place cameras, what type of sensors would be necessary, and even identify blind spots and areas of potential trouble, such as teller drawers.

The professionals at Advance OSPS realize that every business or residence will have its own unique security concerns. That’s why we have personnel on staff who specialize in everything from retail security to crowd control. For many of our clients, our team can identify threats that the client business didn’t know existed. We have developed plans for daily security, special events, active shooters, theft, and even natural disasters such as fires and tornados.

At Advance OSPS, our professionals have years of experience in the security field and have been trained to consider and deal with these types of threats. If you’re thinking of creating or updating your company’s security plan, visit us at We have years of experience helping clients from all over the city, and we look forward to developing a security plan with you.


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