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What is the Role of a Security Company?

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When most people think about security services, they tend to think of either the private security guards they see at large public venues such as shopping centers and concerts or they picture a team of bodyguards surrounding a person who is famous. While security companies can provide both of these things, they also do a lot more. There is a wide array of security services that security companies offer. These services can include the installation of security systems, private security officers and details, and even complete security plans for businesses and individuals.

Installation of Security Systems

Electronic monitoring and alarm systems are probably the most basic level of security that any home or business can have. A lot of security companies provide installation and monitoring services for these systems, and there are a lot of variances when it comes to the quality of these systems. 

Monitoring systems typically consist of a combination of cameras, motion detectors, and other sensors that can record when glass breaks, a door opens, or a person walks by. These systems are often a good way to monitor a property remotely; a property owner or manager can connect to camera feeds or receive alerts via e-mail or text if something seems amiss at a property. In some cases, making the general public aware of the existence of the monitoring system can act as a deterrent to crime. 

When installed correctly, it is possible for these types of systems to provide very good coverage of a property. However, it is next to impossible to get these systems to completely cover all areas. That means that they are a poor deterrent against professional thieves and other people familiar with the installed system’s limits.

However, these systems do virtually nothing to stop a crime once it is already in progress. While video footage from these systems can be used as evidence later on, an actual person must be present in order to make an arrest. In many cases, this may mean that the security monitoring company will need to work closely with local law enforcement. In other cases, however, a business or individual may need to consider hiring additional security personnel.

Private Security Officers

A growing number of security companies are able to provide security officers or other personnel such as bodyguards. There can be a lot of variation in this field, and it is possible to find people with many different training levels, experience, and skill sets.

The most common type of security personnel is officers or guards with a low training level. These individuals are typically the cheapest option when it comes to security personnel, but they are generally only used to deter crime and deal with minor crowd control issues. They are ideal for day-to-day security in large shopping centers and similar areas. However, if an actual crime occurs, this personnel will need to call in local police.

Off-duty and retired police officers are usually in areas and for events in which there is a high likelihood of crime or a crowd becoming out of control. A security company will typically provide these types of personnel for special events such as concerts, political protests, or outdoor festivals. They work to deter and stop crimes, and in many cases, they have a strong relationship with local law enforcement.

At the very highest end are private security personnel. These personnel can be bodyguards or security professionals. These personnel have years of training and experience in law enforcement and/or the military and have very specific skill sets. For example, hiring people at this level to function as a private security force is possible. They can assess threats, develop multi-part strategies, and develop long-term plans and strategies to protect individuals, a group of people, and property. This type of personnel is ideal for businesses operating in dangerous areas or individuals or businesses dealing with ongoing active threats.

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Complete Security Plans

The highest level of security companies is able to utilize resources like monitoring systems and different levels of personnel and create a unique, personalized security plan. While local law enforcement excels at stopping individual crimes, they tend to do little to prevent crimes beyond giving general advice. This isn’t because they are bad at their jobs but because the local police department does not provide individualized security to local people and businesses.

Each business or residence will have its own unique security concerns. For example, banks will likely be much more concerned with the protection of physical assets and employee safety on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, a hospital may have concerns about employee safety and crowd control during stressful situations such as a riot. Our security professionals often identify threats and other concerns that the individual or business hadn’t thought about or didn’t know existed.

A property can be attacked in many ways. While many people can easily imagine being robbed or dealing with an active shooter, there are threats from everything from cyber crimes to disgruntled staff. At Advance OSPS, our professionals have years of experience in the security field and have been trained to consider and deal with these types of threats.

A complete security plan may include a combination of elements such as electronic monitoring, security cameras, on-site security personnel, virus protection software, and a lot more. If you think it’s time to put together a complete security plan, visit us at Our firm has had years of experience dealing with large and small security issues, and we look forward to helping you enhance the safety of your business, home, and property.

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